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Embrace the market stability of gold and silver by purchasing investible precious metals. At NEW CENTURY GOLD, we offer goldsilver, and more for sale, focusing primarily on bars and coins. Investing in these hard assets is always a good idea, as their value is very stable, providing minimal risk as your portfolio grows. They make for smart IRA and 401k investments.  Additionally, gold and silver are both trending upwards in the market, and they will retain their value regardless of government policy or monetary manipulation. So when you are looking to make a strong base for your investment portfolio, then precious metals are always a secure choice.

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At NEW CENTURY GOLD, we are proud to offer gold and silver for individuals in Los Angeles and nationwide. We specialize in providing bars and coins, providing hard assets that supplement traditional stock investments and bank accounts.

Our founder has an extensive background in accounting and mortgage real estate industries, where he learned the importance of understanding the financial markets. This has helped our company develop our approach to wealth management, which focuses on conservative investing with minimal third party risk. We strongly believe in diversification and offer our investable precious metals as a way to achieve a balanced portfolio. These metals can play a critical part in creating a safety cushion against the unpredictable and ever-changing financial markets. Contact us to learn more and to buy gold and silver to improve your investment portfolio.

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