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Silver in Woodland Hills, CA

NEW CENTURY GOLD offers the best silver investments in Woodland Hills, California. We offer everything from collectible US silver coins to silver exchange-traded funds (bars) as well as gold coins and bullions. Grow and Diversify Your Portfolio With Silver Investments.

The Overlooked Investment

Silver has always played second fiddle to gold in the public imagination, though it has been used for currency and investing more often throughout history. It serves as a more affordable entry for new investors but has delivered an 800% return over the last 10 years. Many experts worldwide believe that silver still has the potential for impressive growth.

Emerging Growth

Silver is an industrial metal with both an abundance of uses and an increase in utilization. Many specialists project that silver will reach between $100 and $150 per ounce. Production has dropped below demand, and recycling is impossible in many instances, creating pressures that will drive markets up. This highly versatile metal is often used in:

• Batteries
• Medical Devices
• Mirrors
• Electronic Devices
• Solar Energy Products
• Water Purification Systems

Here are more reasons why some people choose to buy silver as an investment or for other purposes:

1. Tangible asset: Unlike stocks and other investments, silver is a physical asset that can be held and stored.

2. Hedge against inflation: Silver can be used as a hedge against inflation as it tends to hold its value during times of economic uncertainty.

3. Portfolio diversification: Adding silver to a portfolio can provide diversification, reducing overall portfolio risk.

4. Industrial uses: Silver is used in a variety of industrial applications, such as electronics, solar panels and medical equipment, which creates demand and adds to its value.

5. Potential for appreciation: While the price of silver can be volatile, it has the potential to appreciate over time, providing a return on investment.

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Unique Properties

Silver has many interesting attributes suitable for industrial applications. Some features include:

• Electrical and Thermal Conductivity
• Extreme Temperature Range Endurance
• Malleability
• Sensitivity and High Reflectivity Of Light
• Strength

Limited Supply

Silver supplies are significantly depleted in comparison to gold. This imbalance has resulted in the central banks of the world having more in gold holdings today than the total amount of silver that exists above ground.

Silver Investments

The current precious metal bull market started in 2001, with potential for tremendous, minimal-risk growth over the next several years. There are many possible ways to invest in silver for your personal wealth or retirement plans, including silver bars and collectible US silver coins (which provide maximum protection and reliability).

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