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Valuable and Investable Gold Bullion and Coins in Woodland Hills, CA

With a mixture of gold coins and gold bullion in your portfolio as well as silver coins to silver exchange-traded funds (ETFs), you will be able to ensure growth while protecting against inflation. NEW CENTURY GOLD of Woodland Hills, California, is ready to help you obtain the benefits of a gold-infused, balanced portfolio.

Gold Coins Woodland Hills, CA

Protect Your Investments

Gold is widely considered to embody the best characteristics of a stable, fluid investment. It holds its value, is secure, and can be sold quickly. When used in a balanced portfolio, it can provide a degree of stability needed for long term success.

Guarding Against Inflation

Gold tends to hold its value during instances of higher inflation. It was, and is, the first international currency whose value is dictated solely by supply and demand. Since the supply is ultimately dependent on the market, its value cannot be readily manipulated by the government or dropped by excessive printing as dictated by elastic paper currency policies. In short, it provides protection against bad monetary policies.

Potential for Growth

It is widely believed that gold is in the middle of a secular bull market, with years left to go. Over the last 15 years, it has beaten most other investments, delivering a 300% return on investment.

Investment Grade Versus Bullion Gold

Studies have shown that investment grade gold coins perform better long term than gold bullion, by substantial margins. Investment grade gold typically comes in the form of rare coins, with an appreciation of nearly 25 percent over 20 years, compared to five percent for bullion in the same time frame, according to the Professional Coin Grading Service. Contact us to establish a gold investment in Woodland Hills, CA. 

Gold Bars Woodland Hills, CA

Bullion Is a "Privilege"

The United States Government holds the legal right to confiscate all gold bullion within its territory, with the exception of rare and unusual gold coins of worth to collectors. There have been four instances where seizures have occurred, the most recent in 1933 with President Franklin Roosevelt's signing of Executive Order 6102. The most common reason for confiscations is to promote market volatility during times of hoarding. Most experts believe that only pre-1933 gold coins are considered untouchable by the government, while still being one of the few privately traded investments. Gold bars, also known as gold bullion, are physical bars or ingots of gold that are usually made of pure gold and are used as a form of investment or as a reserve asset for banks. They are typically bought and sold in standardized sizes, ranging from small bars weighing as little as one gram to larger bars weighing up to 400 ounces or more. Gold bars hold their value well over time and are recognized globally, making them a popular investment for individuals and governments alike.

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